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~ Sunday, June 10 ~
“Might have been just an innocent bystander, sir,” said Carrot.
“What, in Ankh-Morpork?”
“Yes, sir.”
“We should have grabbed him, then, just for the rarity value,” said Vimes.
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i think “misster” would be a great title for those who feel miss sometimes and mister some other times, or a mix or both, or who like it

it would be shortened msr.

i like this idea

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Community season one outtakes (part three).

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did you hear

all dogs are blue now

every single dog in the world is blue

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~ Friday, June 8 ~

Confessions of a middle-aged Starkid


So, last night I had the privilege of attending the Starkid Apocolyptour show in Silver Spring, Maryland, and it occurred to me that being a fan of more *ahem* advanced years, I had some unique perspective on the concert-going experience that I’d like to share:

  • having to explain to other adults “no, I’m not a longsuffering parent of a fan of Starkid, I AM A FAN and would be here even if I didn’t have kids who love Starkid (now get out of my damn way I need to flail)”.
  • looking with a slightly jealous eye at skinny Starkid fangirls in shorts and tight skirts waiting in line, realizing that my body can no longer rock that look… yet delighting in the incredible devotion and creativity these kids have to come up with amazing costumes paying homage to AVPM/AVPS, MAMD, Starship, and the Apocolyptour itself (not to mention all the wonderful homemade fan mashup t-shirts, etc. that were there in abundance).
  • wishing in vain that Starkid would play a venue that had seats instead of standing room only general admission, because I crave the demarcation of “personal space” (as well as a place to sit because my old legs and back don’t fare so well after 4+ hours of standing in line added to 3+ hours of standing for the concert— oh I’m SO SORE TODAY).
  • being frustrated that a teenybopper who is a head taller than me has wedged her way in front and blocked my perfect view of the stage… but being thankful later because the pleasant scent of her shampoo helps mitigate the fact that the teenybopper boy next to me’s deoderant stopped working two songs ago.
  • cursing the fact that I ended up watching portions the concert through the viewfinder of a fangirl’s camera because she held it up in front of me to record the performances… but secretly hoping she posts the video later, because it looks like she got some REALLY great footage…
  • rolling my eyes at the fangirls behind me who insist on screaming “I LOVE YOU JOEY” and “I LOVE YOU WALKER” over the dialog I’m trying to hear… but recognizing if I had a few less years on me (or maybe a bit of alcohol IN me) there’s a good chance I’d be joining them (though I really could have done without the spit, girls… thanks!)
  • reveling in my maturity that I can deeply appreciate both Dylan’s AMAZING singing voice as well as how good Joe Walker looks in those shorts, for their … uh… artistic value. (just… dayum, boys!)
  • recognizing that all my “chair dancing” practice listening to Starkid tunes at my desk at work can be put to good use tiny dancing in the limited space afforded in the packed auditorium— elbow to elbow with my fellow concert-goers.
  • not being sure if my voice sounds so quiet today because I blew it out singing and screaming last night, or because my ears are still ringing and I can’t hear much of anything anyway…
  • being completely blown away by the volume of talent on full display last night… Charlene Kaye and Team Starkid totally ROCKED— the songs, the story bits, the expressions, the energy, the everything. From little theater nerd college kids to seasoned rock star performers, they soaked up the love from the crowd and returned it to us tenfold. One of the most incredible concerts I’ve ever been to, hands down.

Despite the rain, the long lines, the crowded venue, the sore feet and legs the morning after, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I am proud to be a Starkid fan and proud to be part of *drops in to Jim Pavolo’s resonant Myan Diety voice* THE BEST FANDOM EVAAAAAAARRR!

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A chocolate you did not want to eat does not count as chocolate. This discovery is from the same branch of culinary physics that determined that food eaten while walking contains no calories.
— Terry Pratchett (Thief of Time)

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